Ancient Wheat

We and our network of farmers grow the world’s most ancient wheat.  It’s called Einkorn.  It’s so different from modern what that some say it’s not even wheat.  Technically, it is but…

Wheat doesn’t get more primitive than einkorn.

Einkorn is preferred above all ancient wheats because it’s abundantly nutritious, low in phytic acid, and particularly easy to digest due to it containing a completely different type of gluten compared with modern wheat.  Einkorn contains 14 chromosomes whereas modern wheat contains 42.

Other types of ancient wheat we grow:

  • emmer
  • spelt
  • khorasan

Einkorn is our family’s preferred wheat so many people ask why other types of wheat are still on the market.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Einkorn is low yielding and is not affordable for many people yet.
  • Commercially baked cakes, cookies, breads, bagels etc are different types of baked goods that require specific types of flour.
  • We all have different health goals and priorities, which change how we spend our money what we eat.  We all get to choose!