Why do you need a grain mill?

It’s no secret that fresh-milled flour is best for your health.

As soon as flour is milled it begins to depreciate in nutritional value. In order for a flour to be shelf-stable, things have to be removed. Removal of the bran and the germ, for example, means we miss out on the bulk of the nutrients available in our grains. Even if you’re buying the freshest flour possible, such as our freshly milled einkorn flour, the freshness and nutrient density will be better if you grind it yourself as you need it.

It’s also better for your wallet! Buying grains in bulk is the cheapest way to go, and grains store much better than flour. They will last for years if stored cool and dry. If you have a mill, you can buy grains in bulk, store them for years, and grind them as needed!

For maximum savings, health, and flavor, check out our favorite grain mills.

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